KHW: Troubleshooting Problems with Flexible PU Foams Manufacturing

KnowHow Webinar: Troubleshooting Problems with Flexible PU Foams Manufacturing
Speaker: MA Naqi
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Everyone new to the industry or even experienced foamers come across problems sometime or the other while producing flexible PU foam. This webinar explores problems while producing on low pressure continuous foaming machines. Advise on wide ranging fault finding and diagnosing problems with flexible PU foam manufacturing. Covers chemical problems, machine issues , mechanical faults and processing problems concerning formulation issues. Common faults associated with incorrect equipment installations, metering pump, piping and other issues.
Speaker – M.A. Naqi :
Mr. M. A Naqi is Principal consultant and President of LinQ Tech Inc. based in Canada. A graduate in Science I started my career as ‘Production Manager ‘on a continuous Foaming machine at Poly Products LLC (Oman) between 1980 -2001 while directing the company from infancy to market leader in special foams, eventually became CTO in the company. During this period added a molded foam line as well as a rebonded foam line. I have developed formulations for all kinds of special foams, including soft and super soft grades with standard polyol, a unique pre-polymer dispensing system for rebonded foam which preludes cleaning of the pump and pouring tube. Started my own consultation company in 2001 assisting producers in Canada, Middle East and Asia, teaching foam production, adjusting formulations and talking at various shows and been involved in the industry for over 35 years.
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