Principles of Rubber Behavior for Processing

KnowHow Webinar Series (Five Webinars) : Principles of Rubber Behavior for Processing
Speaker : Van Walworth / Webinar Length : 5 hrs Total ( 1hr Each part)
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The KnowHow Webinar Series on “Principles of Behavior of Rubber” is a five-part series featuring many “Rubber Rules” which are essential to explain and understand how rubber behaves, especially as it relates to how rubber moves, flows, fills cavities, and responds to applied force. This webinar series is useful for every rubber industry and professional to understand rubber behavior in its processing.
PART 1    Rubber Rules for Vulcanization
PART 2    Rubber Rules for Polymer Characteristics
PART 3    Rubber Rules for Rubber Flow
PART 4    Rubber Rules for Cavity Filling
PART 5    Rubber Rules for Applied Force
Speaker: Mr. Van Walworth is a product design and development specialist. Van has a BS degree from the University of Alabama in mechanical engineering drafting and design and has become a well-known “hands on practitioner”.  Most of his primary application skills are focused on products manufactured from materials related to the rubber, plastic, & pipe industries.  In many circles he is known as “The Ideaguy” or as “The Rubber Whisperer”. Van is an internationally recognized technical educator for in-plant seminars, and university level continuing professional education programs.  He is a published author of many technical papers as well of the author of the book “Rubber Molding Principles” first published in 2013 and the creator of a series of Troubleshooting Charts for processing rubber, all published and distributed by TechnoBiz. Van has established a partnership joint venture with the TechnoBiz Group which is based in Bangkok, Thailand.  In addition, Van has a long-term joint venture collaboration with SRP Synthetic Rubber Products, Pvt. Ltd. In Bangalore, India to design and build molding presses and ancillary equipment for the rubber industry.
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Complete Series : 600 US$ (Member) / 1000 US$ (Non-Member) / 2400 US$ (Group)
Rubber Rules for Vulcanization (Part 1): 150 US$ (Member) / 250 US$ (Non-Member) / 600 US$ (Group)
Rubber Rules for Polymer Characteristics (Part 2): 150 US$ (Member) / 250 US$ (Non-Member) / 600 US$ (Group)
Rubber Rules for Rubber Flow (Part 3): 150 US$ (Member) / 250 US$ (Non-Member) / 600 US$ (Group)
Rubber Rules for Cavity Filling (Part 4): 150 US$ (Member) / 250 US$ (Non-Member) / 600 US$ (Group)
Rubber Rules for Applied Force (Part 5): 150 US$ (Member) / 250 US$ (Non-Member) / 600 US$ (Group)
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