Organofunctional Silane Adhesion Promoters (Part 2): Uses

KnowHow Webinar: Organofunctional Silane Adhesion Promoters (Part 2): Use
Available as On-Demand Webinar / 1 Hour Presentation (including Q&A)
Speaker: Dr. Andreas Wolf / Cooperation with : ASC – Adhesives & Sealants Council
Adhesion promoters, or coupling agents, act as molecular bridges at the interface between a polymer and a substrate to enhance adhesion between the two materials. The type of adhesion promoters considered in this webinar are difunctional or multifunctional reactive silanes that contain both organofunctional and hydrolyzable groups. These organosilanes are applied as primers to the substrate or are added to the adhesive or sealant formulation in order to achieve self-priming adhesion characteristics. The art and technology of adhesion promotion resides in the chemical design of the adhesion promoter molecule based on its affinity for the substrate and for the applied adhesive or sealant. When formulated into an adhesive or sealant, multiple (and competing) reaction and diffusion mechanisms have a major influence on the effectiveness of the adhesion promoter. Ideally, the interfacial bridge formed by the adhesion promoter will improve the initial joint strength and prevent delamination of the adhesive or sealant from the substrate, even when exposed to water or other weathering influences. This Part 2 webinar will cover Concept of Self-Priming Formulations: Pros & Cons, Important Factors for Silane Adhesion Promoter Efficacy,Diffusion, Interaction with Surfaces (Example: Plastic Adherends), Exemplary Uses of Silane Adhesion Promoters in Self-Priming Formulations, (Old and New Ways of) Overcoming Specific Adhesion Challenges, Recent Advances Enabling New Product Offerings etc.
Speaker: Dr. Andreas Wolf
Dr. Wolf is an Independent Technical consultant, working with companies on the science and technology of sealants and adhesives. He has extensive knowledge especially in insulating glass and structural glazing applications. He is currently the chairman of ISO TC59/SC8. In July 2015, he retired from Dow Corning as a Senior Scientist focused on Standardization, Technical Application Support and Technology Gatekeeping for Global High Performance Building Solutions.
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