KHW : Troubleshooting of Plastics Injection Molding: Part Defects

KnowHow Webinar: Troubleshooting of Plastics Injection Molding: Part Defects
Speaker: Tim Weston
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Shorts, Flash, Burns, Voids, Sinks, Warp, Weld Lines, Splay, Jetting, Flow Marks, Reduction in Mechanical Properties, and Residual Internal Stress. These common molding attribute problems and others will be the focus of this webinar. We will look at the root cause for each of these attribute issues and discuss how to address the root cause as a way of controlling the defect. This webinar will not only address the symptom but will look at the science behind the cure. To get the most out of this webinar attendees should have completed the webinar “Data Driven Cycle Development in Plastics Injection Molding” or have a mastery of decoupled molding theory. This webinar includes: 1. We have problems with voids or trapped air. How do we tell which defect we are dealing with?; 2. We routinely have random flow marks on our parts. What causes these flow marks?; 3. Our parts warp but not a consistent amount. What is happening and how do we control the warp?; 4. We have shorts (no fills) in the corner of our parts that pressure cannot pack out. Why?; 5. There are cosmetically unacceptable weld lines in our parts. How can we eliminate them?
Speaker: Tim Weston is Professor Emeritus of Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology at Pennsylvania College of Technology, a Penn State affiliate. He is the recipient of the 2006 Society of Plastics Engineers Fred E. Schwab International Education Award. Prior to founding the Plastics program at Penn College, Tim led the Process Engineering group and Materials Testing Labs for West Pharmaceuticals Plastics Division. Tim received a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Lock Haven University and earned a Master of Science in Polymer Science from The Pennsylvania State University. Tim also founded the Plastics Innovation and Resource Center (PIRC) at Penn College and served as the Principal Investigator for the NSF Plastics Resources for Educators Program (PREP). In addition to his teaching responsibilities at Penn College, Tim served as Department Chair for over 30 years and has taught hundreds of industry seminars and workshops.
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