KHW : Fatigue Failure of Molded Plastic Parts and Design Guidance

KnowHow Webinar: Fatigue Failure of Molded Plastic Parts and Design Guidance
Speaker: Alex Lau
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Fatigue failure of molded plastic parts is the breakage of the part after repeated application of a load (whether a force load or a displacement load) that induced stresses on the parts. The induced stress at which fatigue failure occurs is significantly lower than the Yield Strength of the material. Plastics are more prone to fatigue failure than metals. Just as with creep failure, fatigue failure only manifests itself after time has passed and it is usually the customer who experiences it. This has the potential for costly recalls, returns, rework, scrap, warranty claims, loss of revenue, legal liabilities, etc. And the correction will take a long time to implement because it likely involves a redesign, re-tool and mold, re-test, which prolongs the customer’s pain. Merely replacing the failed part with one of the same vintage will repeat the pain. This webinar will describe and discuss: • What are fatigue failures, along with some examples. • How to identify fatigue failures. • How did fatigue failures happen? • How to design around fatigue failures.
Mr. Alex Lau holds a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from University of Manchester, and has worked in the R&D’s of several prominent global MNC’s (Novatel Calgary, NORTEL Calgary, Motorola Penang, Agilent Penang, and Seagate Seremban). He has >30 years experience, specializing in the design and development of parts/products that are toolable and manufacturable, and that function flawlessly in their intended applications. His CAE simulations (FEA, Moldflow, CFD) in product development have consistently predicted accurate results that correlate very well with the actual applications. Mr. Lau applies his knowledge in engineering fundamentals, design guidelines, and CAE simulation to achieve ‘Do It Right the First Time’. This had resulted in projects staying on schedule, on-cost, and on-quality virtually every time. He has trained engineers in many MNC’s, SME’s, and Skills Development Centres, over the years. Mr. Lau is a certified PSBM (HRDF) trainer, as well as a holder in Certified Advanced and Expert Scientific Injection Molding. He also holds US Patent 6853492 Conductive Lens.
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