KHW : Dynamic Mechanical Analysis of Rubber Materials

KnowHow Webinar: Dynamic Mechanical Analysis of Rubber Materials
Speaker: Dr. Raj Ganesh Jegadeesan
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Dynamic mechanical analysis is a sensitive method for exploring the structure, processability, and end-use performance of rubber and elastomeric materials. It enables characterization of the structural differences between materials and provides information about how the materials will process. Such information is important both for product development as well as process design and optimization. Most rubber materials are viscoelastic and full characterization of a material’s rheology requires elasticity information in addition to viscosity information. Dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) is a uniquely powerful method because it measures both properties simultaneously. It measures the mechanical properties of a sample as it is deformed over a range of stress, strain, time, and temperature under different modes of the deformation such as tension, bending, compression, and shear. The KnowHow Webinar will exhibit how DMA characterization techniques are useful for evaluating the rubber and elastomeric materials to provide quantitative and qualitative information about the performance of the materials.
Speaker: Dr. Raj Ganesh J. has more than 15 years of experience in the field of polymeric materials characterization techniques and their processing techniques. His major expertise is in the study of structure-property relation of polymeric materials, processing relevant material characterization, material property correlation with the processing behaviours, processing related modelling & simulation techniques. As a qualified Application Expert, he has been providing technical support to various industrial customers from plastics, composites, rubber, and adhesive-related industries in the field of thermal, rheology, and thermophysical property measurements and supporting to resolving the processing related issue by the appropriate material testing solutions. He has conducted several applications-focused technical workshops at various locations in India as well as south-east Asia and, he has participated in various international conferences as a speaker. He has obtained his Master of Science (MS) in Polymer Engineering and Science and Ph.D. in Polymer Processing from the Montanuniversität Leoben (University of Leoben), Austria, Europe. Presently, he is working with TA Instruments, A Division of Waters LLC in India as an Applications Support Manager for the last 9 years. Education Summary: Ph.D. – Polymer Engineering & Science, Chair of Polymer Processing, Montanuniversität Leoben (University of Leoben), Austria; M.S. – Polymer Engineering & Science, Montanuniversität Leoben (University of Leben), Austria
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