Organosilanes & Adhesion : Principles

Organosilanes & Adhesion : Principles

Organosilanes & Adhesion : Principles

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KnowHow Webinar: Organosilanes & Adhesion : Principles
11 February 2021 (Thursday) / Schedule: 10 am (ET) (US Time)
Webinar Length: ~ 60 Minutes / Speaker: Dr. Anthony Parker
Organosilanes can be used to modify the surface chemistry of inorganic substrates for the purpose of controlling wetting and adhesion characteristics. Pendent functional groups can be selected to maximize the potential for wetting or for covalent bonding; or to achieve surface chelation with metals. For example, tri-alkoxysilanes can be used to modify the hydrophobicity and lipophilicity of inorganic oxide pigments for use in cosmetics applications, or to modify the dispersion characteristics of oxide powders for use in ceramics processing. Surface treatments can also be used to improve the adhesion and dispersion characteristics of inorganic particulates within solid polymeric coatings and composites. Moreover, because of their ability to self-polymerize, organosilanes can also be used to form interpenetrating networks with polymers to improve macroscopic adhesion and bonding characteristics; or to form stand-alone coatings to provide corrosion protection to metals. During processing, silanes can be delivered directly to inorganic surfaces in neat form, or via solution vehicles. Silanes can also be added directly to liquid dispersions, or even to solid polymer formulations. However, regardless of the processing approach, the key to success with these materials is knowing how and when to control hydrolysis reactions within the context of any given manufacturing process. This seminar is the first in a series aimed at exploring silane chemistry, characterization, formulating, and processing with an emphasis on hydrolysis control. Each seminar will focus on mechanistic and practical considerations pertaining to real-world applications. Those who attend can expect to learn about how and when to control the key factors that affect silane efficacy.The webinar presentation includes: • Review of wetting and adhesion concepts; • Overview of organosilanes – general structures and applications; • Hydrolysis & polymerization chemistry: mechanisms and key factors; • Interactions with surfaces & polymers
Speaker:  Dr. Anthony Parker

Anthony Parker, Ph.D. is a Principal Scientist and founder of A. A. Parker Consulting, LLC. Dr. Parker has 35 years of industrial experience in research, development, and management. He has been involved in multiple start-up businesses ranging from medical devices and musical instrument strings to packaging adhesives, pharmaceutical delivery systems, and cosmetics. His interests and expertise are in the areas of surface chemistry and adhesion, bio-based materials and adhesives, mechanical properties of polymers, structure-property-process relationships in polymers, thermal analytical methods, spectroscopic methods (NMR, FTIR), UV curable coatings, and musical strings/ instruments. Dr. Parker has authored or co-authored more than 70 publications, including 30+ journal articles and technical reviews as well as 40+ patents with several patents pending.
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