How to Judge the Quality of Rubber Compounds

KnowHow Webinar: How to Judge the Quality of Rubber Compounds
Schedule: 22 October 2020 / Format: Recorded Webinar / Webinar Length: 60 Minutes
Speaker: Mr. Lakshminarayanan Ramaiya / Language: English
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Rubber compounds are the starting point in the manufacture of many critical rubber parts used in the Auto industry. Such critical parts like O-rings, Gaskets, Seals etc. play a very important role in the performance of Two wheelers, passenger cars etc. This webinar discusses about importance of rubber compound quality and how to judge the quality so that manufacturers can produce Zero-defect rubber parts. This webinar focus is on non-tire industry with emphasis on SMEs involved in rubber compounding and rubber parts manufacturing.
Speaker: Mr. Lakshminarayanan Ramaiya
Mr. Lakshminarayanan Ramaiya is a well-experienced and a well-respected rubber technologist with 50 years’ experience in the rubber industry (non-tyre segment). He has started his career as apprentice in 1956 and worked for 32 years and reached the position of Deputy Managing Director at Fenner India, which Involved in developing and manufacturing Wrapped V Belts, Raw Edge V Belts, Textile Cots and Aprons, Oil Seals, O-rings etc. In 1985, he established Hi-Tech Arai, which is one of the leading automotive OEM rubber parts suppliers in India. After his retirement at Hi-Tech Arai in 2019, he has been offering technical consulting services as well as educating younger generation in the rubber industry. Currently, he is writing a book on “Rubber Mixing in a Kneader: Practical Guide”, which is set to be released in this year.
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