Understanding Structure Property Relationship in Rubbers

KHW : Understanding Structure Property Relationship in Rubbers

KHW : Understanding Structure Property Relationship in Rubbers

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KnowHow Webinar: Understanding Structure Property Relationship in Rubbers
Webinar Length: ~70 Minutes / Speaker: Prof. Kinsuk Naskar
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Polymers consist of very long molecules containing chains of carbon. Rubbers are a very special class of polymers having long range elasticity. The way in which molecular structure of rubber controls various physical and chemical properties will be discussed in details. A comprehensive review will be given on various aspects, for instance, influence of techniques of polymerization to manufacture different rubbers, effects of microstructures of rubbers, factors influencing the glass transition temperature of rubbers, influence of polarity, solubility parameter and structure of backbone of rubbers, effect on modification of rubber, morphological features, TPEs having hard-soft phase combination etc.  ********************************************************************************
Speaker – Prof. Kinsuk Naskar:
Professor Dr. Kinsuk Naskar received his Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) degree in Polymer Science and Technology in 1998 from the University of Calcutta. In early 2000, he completed his M.Tech in Rubber Technology from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur (Silver Medalist). In April 2000, he joined the University of Twente, The Netherlands as a Ph.D. employee under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Jacques Noordermeer in a project funded by Dutch Polymer Institute (DPI). He received his Ph.D. degree in June 2004. Since August 2004, he joined Rubber Technology Centre, IIT Kharagpur as a Faculty member. Currently he is holding the position of a full Professor. In 2005 he received DPI Patent Award from The Netherlands for his invention. In 2008 he received prestigious Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellowship from Germany and worked in the group of Prof. Dr. Gert Heinrich. In 2016 he received as the first Indian the prestigious Morand Lambla Award in Lyon, France from International Polymer Processing Society (PPS). His fields of interests are: Structure-property relationship of various polymers and synthetic rubbers, rubber compounding and vulcanization, polymer blends and thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs and TPVs), radiation processing and cross-linking, green tyre technology, shape memory polymers, Self healing polymers, thermo-reversible crosslinking etc. He has more than 120 international journal papers, 85 conference papers, 6 patents and 15 book/book chapters. He has already supervised 13 PhD students and 25 M.Tech students. Currently he is the supervisor of 10 PhD students and 6 M.Tech students. He was convenor of several short term courses and International conferences at IIT Kharagpur.
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