KHW : Importance of Filler Distribution in Rubber Blends

KnowHow Webinar: Importance of Filler Distribution in Rubber Blends
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Robert Schuster
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This KnowHow Webinar is designed to provide an up-dated knowledge about filler partition in rubber blends and its impact on the properties of blend vulcanizates. Starting from the rubber-filler affinity the natural partition of fillers (carbon black or silica) and filler transfer in blends with dissimilar and similar polarity will be presented. The benefits of masterbatch mixing in property design of filled blends is presented by practical examples. Finally, methods to determine filler distribution in blends are given. The course is intended for professionals in research and development, process compounders, engineers and technical sales staff. A technical degree is encouraged.
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Robert Schuster
 : # Rubber Industry Consultant; # Former Director of Germany Rubber Institute; # Specialization: Mixing, Processing, Vulcanization, Rubber -filler interaction, nanocomposites, recycling etc.; # 40+ years in Rubber Technology Research & Consulting; # Received “Carl Harries” Medal from the German Rubber Society (DKG); # Received the “Melvin Mooney” Award from ACS Rubber Vision
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KHW (Member) : Importance of Filler Distribution in Rubber Blends

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