Webinar: Advances in Biomass Energy Technology

Biomass Energy Technology

Biomass Energy Technology

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KnowHow Webinar: Advances in Biomass Energy Technology
Speaker: Dr. Abdul Salam
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Biomass accounts about 80% of the energy generated by renewable energy carriers worldwide. Biomass is the only carbon-based renewable energy source which can directly substitute fossil fuels. Biomass is also the only renewable energy source that can be stored and converted to heat, electricity and fuels (i.e. solid, liquid and gaseous) when they are needed. The demand for energy produced from biomass (bioenergy) is constantly growing due to it’s wider spectrum of applications. There are numerous technologies for the conversion of biomass into useful forms of energy.  With the recent rapid development of biomass conversion technologies and increasing demand for decentralized, low-emission generation, the knowledge of efficient applications of modern bioenergy systems is important in the context of energy shortage and climate change. This presentation reviews the advances in the thermochemical conversion of biomass in to energy, i.e. pyrolysis, gasification and combustion.
Speaker – Dr. Abdul Salam :
Dr. Abdul Salam is currently serving as Head of Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Change and Associate Professor of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency at Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangkok, Thailand. Dr. Salam has around 25 years of international experience in research, consultancy and capacity building in the areas of bioenergy (biomass, biofuel, biogas), waste to energy, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and climate change mitigation. He has published more than 100 internationally refereed journal articles, conference papers, and books, and presented his research findings in more than 40 countries. He also has three years of working experience as the General Manager and Chief Design Engineer of an energy service company. He has obtained Master of Engineering (1994) and Doctor of Engineering (2005) in Renewable Energy and Energy Technology, respectively, from AIT. Dr. Salam also received the Thailand Frontier Researcher Award for 2016 in Engineering, in recognition of pioneering a new frontier research, by Thomson Reuters and Office of Higher Education Commission of Thailand.
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